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What is PicMonkey?


First of all, this Platform is an in-browser picture editing software. It is highly recommended for Instagram and bloggers users. Moreover, its interface is really simple to use so that users can create interesting graphics and edit photos in easy ways.

With PicMonkey you can edit your pictures, crop, shape, rotate and resize them. Also, users can adjust the exposure and the saturation the colors. There are also functionalities providing features for adding texts, frames, graphics overlays and textures to pictures. PicMonkey allows users to transfer their creations to their smartphone or tablets via Bluetooth.

In fact, PicMonkey is considered as an alternative to Photoshop allowing users to add design elements to their photos without being overwhelmed by a lot of functionalities that they don’t need.

As a user of PicMonkey, Service.fit is happy to recommend this amazing content creation tool.



PicMonkey Benefits and Features:


  • Excellent text functionality 

Especially relevant, you can add text to your pictures, customized them to create a relevant graphic design. You can access a font book with a wide variety of different font styles.


  • Customization and creation 

Another thing is that PicMonkey offers the possibility to customize your text and your content. PicMonkey devised an easy way to do it – Users can create a copy of all the color codes that they always use and paste them quickly. Users can also access a huge menu of overlays – some animals, critters, stars, smokes, cute animal, and banners – these overlays are really useful to create and design thumbnail images.


  • Edit your pictures

Also, PicMonkey offers a feature called Touch Up – it is composed of photo enhancement so that users can create awesome pictures and share it on Facebook or Instagram. This feature includes: tinting a lip, whitening teeth, smoothing out a skin and so on.



PicMonkey Pros & Cons:



  • You can access more than 20 free collage layout
  • You are able to create your own custom collage layout
  • There is no registration or account required to build a collage
  • You can upload your images in several different sources
  • You can access dozen of free texture images
  • Supports uploading multiple images at one
  • You can share your collage
  • Supports saving to cloud storage services




  • A limited number of pre-built free layout
  • Unable to add an image to the background



Which problems can PickMonkey solve for you?


  • Don’t you have a lot of time to spend? PicMonkey is ideal for you.

You can deliver your clients more variety of design projects, as well as save time, all of this at the same time.


  • Do you have a low budget? PicMonkey is ideal for you.

As a user of PicMonkey, Service.fit do a lot of image editing and graphic design. Thanks to PicMonkey we don’t have to pay for a Professional software program: we can just use this tool and the work is done, it is super time effective.


  • You don’t have enough skills in creation software and you are afraid of the complexity using it?

No worries, PicMonkey is very fun, fast and easy to use. Also, you can access PicMonkey tutorials on their websites.



PicMonkey Pricing:

Premium $5.99 USD/mo ($71.88 billed annually) $7.99 USD/month (Billed monthly)

Hub storage for 50 images

Sort hub images

Save, export, share

Advanced touch-up tools

Primo effects, overlays, fonts

Re-editable images, in hub

Top-shelf templates

No ads


Supremium $8.99/mo ($107.88 billed annually)

Unlimited hub storage

Organize hub with collections

Save, export, share

Advanced touch-up tools

Primo effects, overlays, fonts

Re-editable images, in Hub

Top-shelf templates

No ads


Our thoughts about PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a good alternative for small business that has a low budget. Usually, some organizations are blind and invest in popular systems, whereas PicMonkey offers a lot of interesting features at a minimal price. Most of all, the companies have to think smartly about their requirements in order to find the most excellent software solution fitting unique needs.



Learn more about PicMonkey by checking here.