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The Role of Design in Landing Pages

Since all of the participants in the conversations had a different approach to finding a service they might need. All used the internet to find information and the service itself. A question was asked if the design of a website affects the choice in a service. All of them answered yes, so the design someone chooses for its website affects if the service will bring in clients or not.

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Modern Layout

To get to know which element of websites/landing pages are the most looked at and affect their choice. The majority there was asked to rate each of them from 1 to 5. (5 being the most). At first, the participants answered the question if a modern style of the page had a big effect on their choice for a service. Out of the seven participants, five gave this factor a 4 and two of them decided this was a big factor and gave it a 5. Making it necessary to have a modern layout. The reason for this can be because it shows that the company is a modern company innovating when tools are proven to work, not sticking to outdated information.

Colour Choices

When asked about the colour of a website and choices made in there it gave a little different result. This time three of the participants chose the 3, another three chose the 4 and only one participants found it an important factor and chose the 5. This shows that colour is important to the visitors, but it isn’t a deal breaker if your colours aren’t carefully selected by a designer. Still, the colour should be carefully selected.

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Typography stays an element that is used but can be used in many different ways or can be explained in many different ways. Where colours were not a big factor in the decision making, Typography seems to get more importance. This is understandable since it is about displaying the information that the visitor needs to read. If this isn’t done in a correct and well-tested way, the message of your product won’t be delivered. Typography stays an important part of landing page design. The way text information is displayed.

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Amount of Text Displayed

When asked if the amount of text displayed on the page, the score also wasn’t as high as thought. Only one person voted for 5 to be the number for this factor. This while landing pages shouldn’t be filled with a lot of text. Since marketers want people to go from entering the website to purchase in an as fast time as possible. This shows that the amount of information isn’t a big factor. As long as it won’t be a book or just a few words. The quality of the information will probably play a part in this. If the quality of the information is good, more text won’t be a bad read since it’s in the visitor’s interest field.

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