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1. Persuasive Design: Motivation


Improving people’s motivation to behave more sustainably is another key to persuasive design. Even if people have the ability, they still won’t do it unless they’re motivated. There are lots of ways to get people to care.

A classic motivator is rewarded for good behavior. For example, a fitness tracker can offer fun little interactions and encouragement for continued exercise. Conversely, negative interactions can help discourage less sustainable behavior, such as a car beeping its horn when you leave the lights on.

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2. Persuasive Design: Ability

Improving people’s ability to behave more sustainably is one of the keys to persuasive design. This includes a whole host of powerful strategies. One strategy is making green habits easier or more convenient. For example, to encourage greener transportation, make transit more convenient to access, or make bicycling more convenient by separating bike paths from streets. You could also make driving less convenient by small but impactful things, such as reducing parking availability or increasing the cost of parking.

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3. Introduction to Persuasive Design

What if you could steer your user’s lifestyle toward sustainability? Learn how to use persuasive design to improve a user’s environmental impacts without changing the product’s engineering. Understand how you can increase people’s ability and motivation to do green behavior with the power of persuasive design.

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4. 3 Basic Tips on Customer Psychology for Web  Design | Magda Kwiatkowska


Magda Kwiatkowska started Psychology for Marketers with two goals in mind: to help you create the business in line with your passion while still leaving you time to do all the other things you love, and to help you improve your relationships with others and easily get things you want in life. She believes 99% of all our troubles would disappear if we only understood ourselves better. Magda is committed to helping you get to that understanding — and literally see how every aspect of your life starts improving.

Mindvalley Insights is an initiative started by Mindvalley to openly share the best business practices that allow us to get closer to achieving our goal: impacting one billion lives. To do this, we master and implement traffic strategies, social media campaigns, content marketing strategies, and much more. We share with you proven tips and techniques — in entrepreneurship, copywriting, branding, launches, etc… — so you too can build a highly profitable and successful business and achieve the results in life you’ve always dreamed of.

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5. Persuasive Design: Encouraging Your Customers To Do What You Need Them To! – Andy Budd

So you’ve designed a great product, fixed a stack of usability problems and spent a fortune on marketing. The only problem is, people aren’t using it. In this session you will learn how to get your users to do what you want them to through good design, human psychology and a touch of mind control.

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