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5 Tips To Enhance Your Design

The whole point of designing your marketing materials is to motivate your target audience to take a specific action. You can have a powerful and compelling message but if it doesn’t move the reader it has failed its purpose. There are several proven techniques that can be employed within your design. These 5 tips will help you activate your audience.

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1. Hook the Reader

Persuasive designs draw the reader in right from the beginning. Besides that, the hook must be easy to understand but unique enough to catch the reader’s attention. Once they are in, they are opening themselves up to the persuasion. That’s when the design comes into play and will win them over.

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2. Repetition

Creatively repeating your message will emphasize your point. Although, this doesn’t mean that you should repeat the same sentences continuously throughout your text. Your message needs to be repeated in different ways until it becomes ingrained in the reader’s mind. You need to have a clear vision of your message and how to communicate it to your audience.

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3. Do Something Unexpected

Design elements that make the reader stop and think about what they saw, can be a helpful tool in the persuasion process. This can refresh the reader’s attention and arouse curiosity, which will keep them focused on your message. However, the technique should be used in a subtle way, such as placing a graphic or headline across a fold.

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4. Link Benefits to Emotions

You know you have a great product or service. Helping your target audience connect to it emotionally is the next step. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes by identifying and evaluating the emotional elements of what you’re selling.  Then accentuate those elements repeatedly throughout the design, using images, colors and typography. This will create a uniform environment which makes the understanding process faster. As a result, it will be easier for your audience to identify themselves with what you offer.

5.  Prompt the Reader to Act

The whole point of your marketing is to prompt the reader to some sort of action. The reader should be convinced to pick up the phone, go to a website or come to an event.  While you want to highlight that action with text, that only is not enough. You also want to include design elements that focus the reader’s attention on what you want them to do next. These elements should ultimately direct the reader’s eyes to the section which activates them to get into action.

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