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How E-Mail Marketing Services use their Landing Pages?

To know how E-Mail Marketing services continuously use their landing pages, a construction of comparisons between landing pages comes in place in order to see the most common uses. This gives an insight into the utilisation of landing pages within this market, which can give insight in how to present yourself as a brand to stand out or fit in. A close inspection of different items comes into place using the following categories.

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Use of Landing Page

This company shows their product and by providing examples it shows its functions, as well as showing the achievable outcome for an organisation. This calculation comes into place through finding out a number of employees in the company.


The website is designed in a modern clean and bright way. By providing many visual items and less text the landing page is made visually attractive.

Page Content

The page displays the following content uses.
● CTA Header
● Service Explanation
● Features
● Product Demo
● Testimonials
● Companies
● Calculation Tool

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Use Of Landing Pages

This page is used to show their product and its features but has as a main goal the sign up of new customers. There are multiple plans offered but the free plan is the first option displayed.


The design is modern and fits the style that is used by companies in this time. There is enough white space that makes the page easy to scan and read.

Page Content

The page displays the following content uses.
● Header CTA
● Signup form
● Feature Highlights
● Statistics
● Testimonials
● Reviews
● Pricing

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Use of Landing Pages

The designing of the landing pages shows how easy a tool is and what the advantages contain for the different kind of people who need it. By showing video’s, feature lists and testimonials they try to convince the average viewer to signup.


The page is designed in a clear and modern way. The titles may be a bit big for some people since they take a lot of space on the page. They help find the information that is needed.

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Page Content

The page displays the following content uses.
● Product Demo
● Videos
● Testimonials
● Included
● Companies
● CTA Bar


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