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Utilising Instagram as part of your Marketing Strategy

To most marketers, the value of adding Instagram to your social media marketing plans is an easy and obvious decision. But sometimes you need to be able to prove the value of Instagram marketing to your team members or your client. We love providing examples of how Instagram marketing can engage your fans and promote your brand. To help show the value to the rest of your stakeholders, the information below will explain what data you should be measuring to translate your Instagram marketing success.

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Community Participation

Instagram’s engagement rate being higher than other top social networks creates an opportunity for your brand to build relationships with your community and identify your most involved members. The participation from your community is powerful in both determining and who is most passionately engaged with your brand. The photos that these individuals share can tell you a lot about their characteristics and interests which can inform your future marketing decisions. Using systems like SEEN’s Insight Reporting to measure these hashtags and your community’s participation can make this learning simple.

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Brand Affinity

Brand affinity is one of the most important factors to measure with your overall marketing strategy. Your community’s affinity for your brand can be easily measured by monitoring their engagement with your posts on Instagram. There are a few different metrics to monitor brand affinity. Comparing the engagement of the branded user-generated content that your community is sharing to the other posts they’re sharing can give you an idea of how well your brand is resonating with their followers. Using the pIQ score, you can determine what type of content is resonating with your community. Secondarily, you will want to see what content you’re sharing that is getting the best interactions from your community. By continually leveraging metrics like Relative Engagement, you can normalize the interactions on your posts to learn what content your community likes at an exceptional level. This can help guide your Instagram content strategy.

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Brand Exposure

You can get an idea on how individuals collaborate with your model and the way they respond along with your content material. Also, you possibly can take it to the subsequent degree. This is so by measuring the publicity progress of your branded posts and tags over time. Monitoring the full attain of your model’s tags reveals you ways many individuals are uncovered to your promoted content material. Therefore, this happens through the calculation of a variety of followers for every publish which occurs as uncovered to that tag. Drilling down even additional will present you your distinctive attain by particular person consumer. Monitoring these metrics and the follower progress of your model. Group offers you an image of the publicity your Instagram content material is gaining in your general advertising initiatives.

Hence, by understanding the Instagram metrics to observe, you possibly can higher perceive the effects of your Instagram advertising in your general advertising initiatives. Use these knowledge factors to persuade your crew or your purchasers to take your Instagram advertising to the subsequent degree.

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Brand Exposure

As you get an idea of how people are participating with your brand and how they’re responding with your content, you can take it to the next level by measuring the exposure growth of your branded posts and tags over time. Monitoring the total reach of your brand’s tags shows you how many people are exposed to your promoted content by calculating the number of followers for each post that are potentially exposed to that tag. Drilling down even further will show you your unique reach by individual user. Tracking these metrics and the follower growth of your brand and community will give you a picture of the exposure your Instagram content is gaining on your overall marketing initiatives.

By understanding the Instagram metrics to monitor, you can better understand theaffects of your Instagram marketing on your overall marketing initiatives. Use these data points to convince your team or your clients to take your Instagram marketing to the next level.

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