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Top Tips List of SEO basics

Tip list of SEO basics

When you’re starting to use SEO and you’re trying to create a campaign, there are several things you need to think about. The following content will explain some of these aspects.

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Define keywords

A start of an SEO campaign consists of defining the keywords. These keywords that you’ll be using need to be the ones that convert your visitors into customers. Google Correlate can inspire you to find the ideal keyword for your topic.

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Create Links

The URL’s to the content you are applying SEO on is important. Using the keywords that you found as a result of the previous step, you can make sure your URL’s consist of a high search feed.

Social Media

Social media pages are popular because they give you the option to share updates and new products with your target group. However, you can make sure people read your content if you create and post new and relevant content yourself. Advertising on social media pages can also be a big advantage since it’s likely to be seen by people you didn’t even think to market for.

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Try hiring a PR-firm to help you generate publicity. Although the general belief is that it is expensive, there are PR-firms which use performance-based pricing.


The content you are writing needs to be high-quality. If people like your content, obviously it will gain more exposure. Since blogs are a way of attracting customers to your website, well thought out content can achieve higher exposure.

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Conversion Optimization

You need to make sure your conversion process is optimized, especially when you’re using landing pages or trying to get leads from your pages. Make sure to look at analytics regularly. Try to make changes to the pages if necessary to improve the conversion process of your landing pages.

As you can see SEO is used in multiple fields. The content, layout of the page, keywords that people look for and the way you are sharing your content are important parts of it. There are more aspects but these are the main things you need to take into account.

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