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What is SEO: Advantages & Disadvantages

When you see the abbreviation “SEO” you probably wouldn’t know what it means, even if you’ve read it in numerous articles on the internet. The abbreviation stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. This term, according to Wikipedia, is “the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results”. This basically means that you can use SEO to make sure your website will be visible among the first results of what a search engine will show.

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A search engine uses mathematical algorithms to calculate which website will contain the content that the user is looking for. A website that is optimized for search engines is a must in the current industry. Why are they so important? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using SEO to optimize your website? The following list needs to give you answers to these questions.

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1. Targeting

By using SEO you can make sure your product is found under specific search engine terms. The ones that your customers are looking for. When targeting these customers it is more likely that relevant traffic is directed to your business.

2. Low Cost

An SEO campaign can be done at a very low cost. Although it depends on if you are hiring an agency to do this for you or not.

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3. Fast Admission

Popular websites are constantly scanned by search engine crawlers. These are tools that search engines use to scan a website’s content. Content that is shared will immediately be seen and added to the search engines. This way you will be added to the list of useful sites, which means that you’ll be discovered by the consumer quicker.

SEO has its advantages but also disadvantages. The next list will show what the disadvantages are.


1. Getting Noticed

Even though your customers will immediately notice your product and new pages, your competition will too. They will notice your new campaign and react to it making sure their position stays save.

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2. Too Much

When SEO is done right it can bring you a big flow of traffic. However, if the company cannot handle the number of new leads and requests it could result in unsatisfied customers.

3. Trusting

A lot of services and companies offer SEO and tell you they will put your website in the top results on Google. However, some will use methods that are considered ‘illegal’ by Google and will get you a penalty.

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