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The importance of digital tools for companies

Nowadays, digital tools are a must for every company. In fact, that’s the opportunity to develop your business while gaining money and time: marketing and commercials operations via digital are easier and faster applied. You can simply press a button to engage actions thanks to these amazing tools.

Finally, digital makes it possible to know very quickly the efficiency of an operation via customer feedback and statistical data. This almost instantaneous analysis informs the company of the interest to continue the action as it is or, on the contrary, to correct it.

In other words, digital tools are the revolution.


THE BEST 10 TOOLS for small businesses

The big amount of digital tools available can be confusing for companies. Some tools suit better small businesses whereas others are more interesting when it comes to premium features suiting better enterprises.


This list presents the 10 best tools suitable for small businesses:


marketing & CRM tool

Hubspot is a very popular tool useful and performing for small businesses. It offers multiple opportunities for marketing, CRM, and Sales. This article presents a review of Hubspot marketing & CRM:

Hubspot marketing is an Advanced system helping your team grow traffic and increasing conversions. You can access different features to design or modify your beautiful websites and don’t need to ask your IT team.

Hubspot CRM is free and simple to use. It is ideal for companies that are starting to recognize the value of CRM or just for companies that want to use the fullest potential of their existing CRM systems.

To learn more about this amazing tool, click here.



Sales tool

Hubspot sales software is a very popular tool and is seen as market leaders in providing efficient and effective sales software. This Platform is a smart e-commerce system that allows you to sell more products in less time, building and automating your sales processes that are specific to your businesses. It is really flexible and easy to use and to customize.

To conclude, it will help you to keep fluid interactions with your customers, to save time, gain efficiency and become more organized.

To learn more about this amazing tool, click here.



Image result for hootsuite logo

Social Media tool

HootSuite is a social relationship platform allowing companies to apply wonderful social media strategies and activities. Its vision is to revolutionize the communications, empowering its users to transform their message into effective and meaningful relationships. Boasting tons of useful features and specializations, it’s little surprise that Hootsuite is already used by tens of millions of people worldwide!

To learn more about this amazing tool, click here.




Image result for picmonkey logo

Content Creation tool

This Platform is an in-browser picture editing software. It is highly recommended for Instagram and bloggers users. Moreover, its interface is really simple to use so that users can create interesting graphics and edit photos in easy ways. Thanks to PicMonkey you can save time, ensure efficiency even with a low budget and low skills.

To conclude, PicMonkey is considered as an alternative to Photoshop allowing users to add design elements to their photos without being overwhelmed by a lot of functionalities that they don’t need.

To learn more about this amazing tool, click here.




Image result for salesmanago logo

Marketing automation tool

Sales Manago is one of the fastest growing cloud-hosted services. It is an online marketing automation platform providing a large suite of capabilities and solutions for marketers. It brings a lot for digital marketers aiming to improve while adding more value to their brand. Thanks to Sales Manago you can:

  • Deploy quick-win campaign solution
  • Solve problems of cooperations between the marketing and sales department,
  • Personalize your communication and solve many automated internet marketing challenges for your clients.

To learn more about this amazing tool, click here. 



Image result for Active Campaign logo

the Marketing tool

Active Campaign is an integrated and user-friendly Platform combining different aspects of small business marketing. Also, thanks to this tool you are able to:

  • Create engaging and beautiful emails
  • Find out information about your contact
  • Use social media marketing and most of all to apply marketing automation.

To learn more about this amazing tool, click here.




Image result for SEMrush logo

SEO tool

This platform is a well-known SEO software and an online competitor analysis and a business intelligence software solution. This tool is popular for its competitive analysis features that give you valuable and reliable information on your competition, including link building, data about display advertising and paid and organic search. Thanks to this tool you can:

  • Track how your competitors are performing
  • It will help you to find the best stratégies to implement in your own SEO campaigns.

To learn more about this amazing tool, click here.




Image result for sniply logo

Social Media Marketing tool

Sniply is a social media marketing tool allowing users to add custom messages to any web page they post. Users can embed call-to-action into each piece of content they want to share, this includes links to articles from Mashable, TechCrunch, Forbes and so on. Each person who clicks on a Sniply link will see the original contact thanks to the call-to-action displayed Inside. It will allow your business to convert social media followers into customers and users.

To conclude, Sniply gives an excellent balance of being able to share valuable and relevant content while generating leads, to save time and money and can fix other problems.

To learn more about this amazing tool, click here.




Image result for tailor brands logo

Logo Maker tool

Tailor Brands is here to help you. This logo generator software has been build on powerful algorithms and he only needs to analyze your brand’s name, your values and your industry standard. 

Then, Tailor brands is an automated logo marker available online. This tool allows you to design your logo and it is very efficient for small businesses owners: Minimal costs, no skills required and instant results.

To learn more about this amazing tool, click here. 




Image result for moz logo

leading SEO tool

Moz is a performant leading SEO tool provider using both Advanced research and basic tools in order to improve your search engine optimization. Then, Moz offers a flexible pricing with vast marketing features able to suit everyone needs and it will help you to:

  • Grow online
  • Track keyword ranking and traffic development
  • Solve monitor site problems
  • Make it possible to put your clients in front of their customers and so on.

To learn more about this amazing SEO tool, click here.



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