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What is Sales Manago


Sales Manago is one of the fastest growing cloud-hosted services. It is an online marketing automation platform providing a large suite of capabilities and solutions for marketers. It brings a lot for digital marketers aiming to improve while adding more value to their brand. Sales Manago owns more than 10 000 customers, based in 40 countries: this platform is clearly a favorite marketing automation tool for enterprises from around the world.

As a current user of Sales Manago, Service.fit is happy to recommend this amazing marketing automation tool.

In addition, a lot of well-known brands use and trust Sales Manago: Orange, New Balance, Yves Rocher, Lacoste, Starbucks coffee, Pizza Hut and so on.



What are the Sales Manago Benefits?


Sales Manago offers users a wide range of options:

  • Track

You can identify and track the companies you visit. You can also track known and unknown visitors, on time.

  • Effectiveness

With Sales Mango Web Beacon you can generate more effective behavior profiles, lead scoring and segmentation. Moreover, it offers the capability to identify quickly visitors’ websites and build their behavioral profiles in the real time.

Then, you can also access Next Generation Behavioral Engine – it means the Advanced tracking including scroll and heat map

  • Dynamic one-to-one emails

It is one of the most technologically advanced and innovative functions provided by Sales Manago: this system allows to generate individual messages to particular target according to behavioral profiles.

The messages include information about service or product adapted to specific needs and requirements. When they are sent at the optimum time, these targeted offers are much more effective than the mass mailing.

Then, this will lead to higher conversion rate: it means that you earn more while saving the time needed to prepare traditional offers sent as email.

  • Thanks to the Marketing automation you can consolidate and analyze behavioral data.

You are able to predict when a prospect will need to repurchase a product that will be sold out soon.

You can analyze and capture purchasing cycles and anticipate future needs and using automation the system will send well-adjusted offers to specific customers at the right time.



Sales Manago Features:


  • Marketing Automation
  • Monitoring of contacts visiting your website
  • Video Body Language Monitoring
  • Identification of companies visiting your website
  • eCommerce NextGen – Recommendation Engine
  • Email Marketing & Newsletters
  • Personalized Website Content
  • Personalized remarketing
  • Mobile Marketing Automation
  • Marketing Calendar
  • RFM based Marketing Automation
  • Automatic Sales Chat
  • SALESmanago Copernicus – Machine Learning & AI
  • SMS Messages
  • Social media
  • Facebook Ads Integration
  • CRM and 360 Customer View
  • Campaign management
  • Event management
  • Analytics and dashboard
  • SALESmanago Web Beacon
  • Beacons for offline tracking
  • A/B/X Testing Engine
  • Web Push Notifications
  • Your Marketing
  • Social Media Posting
  • AdRemarketing by Google Doubleclick
  • Email Drag&Drop Designer



Sales Manago Pros and cons:



  • It is easy to use.
  • Very effective tool.
  • Excellent support and personnal approach.
  • A performant and really broad range of different features.
  • Segmentations tags very helpful to aim marketing efforts.
  • Automation rules and personalized marketing automation campaign are really helpful in sales results.
  • The OR and CTR significantly increase thanks to Sales Manago.


  • Occasional bugs in the system because new features are added regularly.
  • too many features create overloading and trouble to manage.
  • Only in English.



What problems will Sales Manago solve for you?


  • Deploying quick-win campaign solutions 

In e-commerce for example, especially if you can get a webshop integration in place.

Sales Manago offers a better efficiency for digital marketing.


  • It solves problems of cooperation between the marketing and sales department

Service.fit is within the B2B industry and one of our major problems was to integrate sales processes with our marketing activities.

Thanks to Sales Manago‘s lead scoring programs we now can educate our leads -who are not ready to purchase- and our sales team is now able to get in touch with them at the best time with the best-adapted offer, automatically.


  • Thanks to Sales Manago, we are solving many automated internet marketing challenges for our clients: it helps them to keep an edge on the market.


  • This amazing tool allows us to send a big amount of marketing message to our customers: it helps us to personalize our communication.



Sales Manago pricing:

This Platform offers two types of accounts:
– B2C & eCommerce
– B2B
Each account offers three modules: Basic, Pro and Elite.
The pricing depends of the database size, according to your requirements.
 SM offers a 30 day trial.

BASIC – Monthly license fee: +€49

completely free up to 200 contacts

€49/month up to 1 000 contacts

€19/month up to 10 000 contacts

€299/month up to 30 000 contacts


PROFESSIONAL – Monthly license fee: +€149

€199/month up to 1 000 contacts

€499/month up to 10 000 contacts

€600/month up to 30 000 contacts


ENTERPRISE – Contact them and see what Sales Manago can do for you.


Our thoughts about Sales Manago:


Sales Manago is really efficient for driving sales and marketing teams. Most of all, the strong amount of features and functionalities allowed Service.fit to automatize not only our marketing but also our sales team thanks to endless combinations. This Platform brings a lot of knowledge. It is more efficient for enterprises businesses as it perfectly suits enterprises’ needs thanks to the big amount of performant features available.

If you want to learn more about Sales Manago, click here.

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