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What is Sniply?


Sniply is a social media marketing tool allowing users to add custom messages to any web page they post. Users can embed call-to-action into each piece of content they want to share, this includes links to articles from Mashable, TechCrunch, Forbes and so on. Each person who clicks on a Sniply link will see the original contact thanks to the call-to-action displayed Inside. It will allow your business to convert social media followers into customers and users.

Sniply is highly recommended by industry thought leaders: Join thousands of happy customers such as Dropbox, IBM, Greenpeace, Accenture, Autodesk, Experian and so on.

As a current user of Sniply, Service.fit is happy to recommend this amazing online marketing tool. 



What are the Sniply benefits?


  • Conversions from curated content

The world of sharing is evolving and at least 50% of the content shared by companies should be from others. In other words, nowadays, successful brands curate valuable and relevant content for their audience to enjoy. Sniply is the only way for you to create value from curated content: follow your users through the page itself. With Sniply you are able to attach your own brand to every link you share. You can also include your own custom call-to-action drive conversion from your curated content.


  • Conversions from Earned Media

Sniply offers the opportunity for Earned Media. Nowadays, Media are considered “earned” when bloggers or publications mention you: you never paid for the exposure but you earn it through your endeavors. With Sniply, when someone writes about you, you easily share the article. And thanks to Sniply, when people read an article about you and are interested in it, they don’t have to spend time dig through the entire article: You can control Earned Media and include your own call-to-action as you share it.


  • Conversions from your own content

By including call-to-action on the links to your own content, it will be an effective way to get your followers to take action. Thanks to Sniply you can access flexibility to change your messaging in a dynamic way and to keep your followers updated on specifically what you want them to know. Most of all, thanks to Sniply you won’t need to coordinate with your tech guy on every marketing campaign.



What are Sniply features?


  • Add a button, link, or text to any link you share
  • Include a form along with your Snip to capture contact info
  • Customize your snip’s theme, design, positioning, code, and domain
  • Track analytics on every page you share
  • Browser extensions to quickly make Sniply links



Sniply Pros & Cons:




  • Simply and easy to use
  • A very effective tool in terms of social media marketing tool
  • Allows to share valuable external content with your audience keeping your brand top of mind and driving leads back to your websites
  • ability to customize Sniply‘s features to fit brand messaging




  • Some websites don’t support iframes so that you can’t use on everything.
  • It is limited in designs
  • The analytics are weak



What problems can Sniply solve for you?


  • You always have to spam users with branded product/ content? Sniply will solve this problem for you.

Sniply allows our Service.fit company to share content with users we have shared on other websites or content that has been written by some authors that we value and trust. Thanks to that we noticed that new users come to our site to learn more about us and our product, and it is a great way to improve without having to spam users.


  • Sniply gives an excellent balance of being able to share valuable and relevant content, and generating leads.


  • Save time and money.

Service.fit noticed that using Sniply we don’t have to hire a Professional to convert posts into sales: thanks to Sniply we can convert social media posts into sales traffic and everyone can take this on.



Sniply pricing:

Free for up to 1k clicks per month


$29/month Basic plan includes

2 brands,

1 team member

5k clicks


$79/month Pro plan includes

6 brands,

3 team members,

20k clicks


$149/month Business plan includes

10 brands,

5 team members,

50k clicks



Our thoughts about Sniply:


Sniply is a useful software and offers different features according to your business’s needs. Do not hesitate to enjoy the free trial plan which will give you a concrete insight of what Sniply can bring to you. This tool is ideal for small businesses that don’t have a big budget, and its features should suit your needs.

Learn more about Sniply here.



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