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Choosing a Service

How do you choose a company or designer to start a UX design project? It might be a challenging process where several things have to be taken into consideration. Here are some tips to make this choice easier.

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● Process

When hiring someone to do a UX design project for your company, it is recommended to not only look at the portfolio. Instead, it is better to look at how the person reacts in certain situations. Sometimes the end product is different then the UX designer would like to see because management or other factors have changed the result.

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● Intelligence

Make sure the UX designer bases his decisions and opinions on facts and information that is found. In other words it can’t be based on instinct or assumptions about the user.

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● Flexibility

Hire someone who is able to use their process but is able to change or adjust it to the company. For this purpose decisions have to be discussed with the rest of the team to have a final uniform result.

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● Sharing

A UX designer should be able to work together with the team. Therefore during the process, the ideas and opinions need to be shared and discussed. Working together as a team and allowing others to give feedback enables a company to come to unique and amazing developments.

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