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postillustrationWhen it comes to landing page design, there isn’t one best practice that works for every website. It totally depends on the objectives and the type of visitors you want to attract.
Design is the key to success for your website. It’s about persuading the visitor to take action. The first thing that should be considered is having a value proposition. Focusing your landing page design primarily on this unique selling point is the way to go.
The landing page should lead the user towards it main intended goal.

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Promoting your content

The purpose of landing page design is not to impress the visitor but to promote the content. The placement of the images, graphics and copy should guide the visitor towards a specific conversion. Ideally the structure of your landing page should minimize the strain on the visitor and allow for a quick understanding of what the page has to offer. Horizontal lines indicates that readers should stop reading or that the content stops here and a different subject is next. It’s recommended not to use many boxes, lines and columns as these can block the eye-flow of the reader. Images should reinforce your value proposition or unique selling point. Therefore, this is useful for companies with products and services that can’t be bought physically e.g. virus scanner. Also larger, symmetrical images are likely to generate more conversions because it boosts the clarity of your page.

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Connect with your audience

As previously stated, it also depends on what kind of visitors you attract. If you have a younger target group it might be more suitable to use contrasting colours. Or if you have a target group of older visitors it might be a good idea to go more formal with colours like black, blue, grey and white. Remember that each colour has a different meaning, and these can vary for different cultures and countries. Let’s say we take the colour red, this globally communicates that you must stop or that there’s a warning or danger. It’s in our nature that red grabs our attention.

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If you look at colour contrast it needs to be the difference between the background, and the text should be of a high-contrast colour choice. Imagine a white background contrasted with black text, this combination makes it very easy to read. For visitors to actually convert, they must respond to a call of action (CTA). The CTA will usually work best when it’s above the fold or at the bottom of the content. This has to do with the kinds of visitor you’re dealing with: do they decide fast? or do they need more information to make a decision?

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Even if you follow these rules and design a perfect landing page, it still does not mean you’ve just made a topnotch landing page that will work. It’s all about testing and trial and error in pursuing the best possible results.

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