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What’s a Landing Page?

A landing page can be described as a single web page that any visitor can ‘land’ on by clicking a link on search engines, social media, advertisements or marketing campaigns. Therefore, any page of the website is potentially a landing page. But it’s more common to refer to a separate web page designed for a specific goal.

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It will usually display a headline that is a logical extension of the advertisement, search result or link. It usually has no reference to the primary website, because the main purpose is to have the visitors be led to a conversion goal without any distraction. This conversion could be anything varying from: subscribing to a newsletter, filling out a form to download an E-book or a purchase.

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The landing page usually has one purpose: To get visitors to convert to the next chapter in the sales funnel or customer journey. In theory it might seem a simple task, but in practice it turns out that a successful landing page needs a detailed plan, creativity and testing. Whatever your business is selling or the goals you’ve set to achieve, it is good to look at other landing pages for inspiration. And remember, there is no right way of designing a landing page. It all depends on your business, your customers needs and a lot of testing. Listed below are three purposes a landing page can have:

  • Having a page where people can land on is a way to test if a new feature will be interesting enough for your users.
  • When you want to get people excited for an event or new product.
  • It’s a way to measure the success of a campaign or advertisement.

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Incorporating a landing page in your business

For companies, the purpose of a landing page differs in every market or service. Landing pages can potentially bring success to nearly any kind of online business. The most common way to use a landing page is to show specific features of a product to a specifically targeted segment of your target group. By doing this small groups find the information they want/need to know about the product. They get excited and hopefully buy or subscribe to the product.

So in short, a landing page displays specific information focusing on only a segment of the target group. This way the groups sees exactly what they want and the landing page gives them the information they need. The visitor buys or subscribes, and sales go up. The page works by making a funnel; attracting the right customers to the page and guiding them in the right direction to the online store where purchases can be made, making sales faster and easier for marketers as well as customers.

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