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Which Goals To Set For Your Landing Page?


When it comes to landing page goals, many businesses and people want to sell their products. This is why there is a lot of information and a lot of examples to find on this particular subject. Also many services and products make their way to the world of E-commerce (internal link). People use landing pages in different ways all over the internet.

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This isn’t strange, since every client is different and also every service or product is different. Every product or service actually needs to be different. This forces companies to use landing pages in different ways  to “stand-out” from the crowd. This doesn’t only makes landing pages different, but also the services and products need to be better or have features that the competition isn’t offering yet. There are a lot of ways to use a landing page, but until now the most common ways are the following:

Sell, sell, sell!

This is one of the most popular uses of landing pages. In this way the page is optimised to sell the product or service it is offering. All the information a visitor needs or wants to know about the product/service is displayed, this makes it easy for a potential customer to decide on whether to buy or not. Furthermore, call to actions links that lead to the online store to buy the item are added to make it easier for customers to buy the product.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

A minimum viable product is making a product work in the simplest way without spending lots of money. This tactic is used for a lot of services and online tools to see if there are potential customers. The landing page will feature the product in a finished form, allowing visitors the ability to signup to a mailing list to get more information or let an employee contact them. If the product hasn’t been made yet, email addresses are obtained so visitors can be contacted whenever the product is ready.

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Target group segmentation

Sometimes a product/service has a big target group but has difficulty reaching them because the target group is so big. For example, if a store is selling different types of jeans, there are thousands of other stores selling this same product and customers looking for specific types of jeans may find it difficult to land on your website. So a better method of reaching your customers is segmenting the market. For example, by targeting customers looking for eco-friendly skinny jeans and creating a page specifically for that target group. Thus, when a segment searches for this on a search engine, they can find your website faster.

Test Ideas

Just like an MVP there can be many ideas for a new product, service, feature or a new method of communicating your product to your customers. A method of testing these ideas is creating different kinds of landing pages and sending them to different segments of your client group. In this way you can test which ideas are the most promising and which ones works better.

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Promote Event

There are websites that have multiple events such as concerts, festivals etc. being offered simultaneously on their website, for example a ticket sale website. A way to attract more attention to a specific event and provide more information is by creating a specific landing page for it and communicating this. It also can give you an idea on how popular the event is.

Measure Campaign Success

Create a landing page to measure the success of the campaign. Big companies do this when starting a campaign to promote a product via TV, radio or a YouTube commercial. Use analytics and special content to track a possible client. After that a product can be specified to a certain channel . There are multiple creative ways to do this and a common method is creating a game or some kind of competition for the viewers.

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Product Segmentation for Landing Page Goals

Just as target group segmentation and promoting an event it is also possible that you have a company that has multiple products. A specific landing page can attract attention to a product. It provides all the information needed for that product. This allows the viewer who is searching for the specific product, to find all the information needed in deciding on purchasing the product.

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