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The Use of Having Mobile Landing Pages

Having a mobile landing page is necessary for your find-ability on the web. Since April 2015 Google has changed it’s algorithms that will include mobile-friendliness.

This will affect the way websites are currently ranked. In specific this change will only affect mobile searches worldwide. Looking at the rise of people using smartphones, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that mobile responsive websites could generate more conversions. Even though there are more website visits on desktop, the rate at which users browse the internet via mobile devices is still increasing.

So what does this mean for landing pages? In particular there are a few things to take into account. First of all, if your website isn’t mobile friendly you are not providing an optimal experience for your visitors. There is an upward trend in customers shopping on mobile devices such as; smartphones and tablets. Secondly, Google will penalize you for not having a mobile friendly website.

The easiest way to achieve a mobile friendly website is to select a responsive template. As a result, this will allow the website to adjust to any display like a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. But this doesn’t mean you’re there yet. When a visitor comes on your mobile website, every second counts. If you want a higher chance of visitors to take action, whether this is buying a product or subscribing via their email, you need to optimise your landing pages in order to make this happen.

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1. Keep it short

Nowadays smartphone screens have a size of 4 to 6 inches. This isn’t typically the size where you can put out all the information you want. It seems like keeping it short is also key for keeping the interest of visitors that land on your page. Therefore, a responsive or adaptive design is necessary.

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2. Finger friendly

A mobile landing page needs no strain for people who visit it. If you want visitors to take a certain action, make sure your call-to-action buttons are big enough to please your mobile users.

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3. Value proposition

The value proposition in the eyes of the customer is what benefits they’ll gain from your product and what the costs are. Because it does not only include physical attributes of your organisation and product, but the emotional part also plays a role in it. Considering the small space you have on mobile devices, this could be done by showing the important features of your product or service in a simple form, for example in bullet points.

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4. Fast loading

Relatively, mobile internet is not as consistent as a home network when it comes to browsing speed. People are always online at any given place and time, but there may not always be a stable internet connection. Therefore, your website should not contain high quality pictures which
slows the browsing experience if you don’t have a stable connection.

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