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The Advantages & Disadvantages
Of A Landing Page

Landing pages, in general, have their advantages and disadvantages. Before you decide to implement a landing page you should check if the benefits weigh up to the disadvantages. Your business could do well with the right elements in your landing page. But there is also a chance of damaging your brand. It’s good to consider the points discussed in this article before you take any action.

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  1. Quick and cheap

    Landing pages require an investment in terms of both time and money but the extent to your investment is solely dependent on your personal choice. The money aspect should be considered in CPL or CPA (cost per lead or acquisition) and not in absolute money. Thus, you can spend a tremendous amount of time on a two-page long landing page but when it generates a high conversion rate, that’s worth the investment!

  2. A perfect match with advertisements

    The benefit of landing pages is that you can perfectly match them with an advertisement. Let’s say someone sees an ad and decides to click on it. The person is redirected to a landing page with matching promises and information.  This is the key principle for having improved conversions.

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  3. Ready for testing and optimizing

    You should experiment with landing pages at all times. Do this as much as you want, depending on your time and budget. You can always test some elements. It could even be a small change in a different colour or a shape. Sometimes converting elements don’t need explanation. For example, there was a case from ‘Wider Funnel’ where the picture of a person with long hair made the landing page convert better than the same person with short hair.

    You should always keep testing, and even if your landing page works well with many conversions taking place you should remember, you can always improve! As customer behaviour and needs can change over time. Elements on your landing page that have proven successful in the past and present, may not be so successful in the future. And this is where the competitor steps in, so watch out!

  4. Friendly for respondents

    There are three cases of a one-format landing page and how to use them:

    1. An irresistible and simple idea that is relevant for all visitors, and is well presented on one page.

    2. A proposition that is more complex with multiple benefits that appeal to a variety of visitors. Eventually, they are shoved onto one very long page leading to confusion.

    3. An idea that is more complex and also has different benefits for different visitors. The short landing page it’s one page, but loses honesty and becomes less attractive.

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  5. Easy to manage

    Landing pages are usually very easy to manage however, the only difficulty is when you run a portion of landing pages with different variations. Because it’s important to keep the many things up to date. For example, you need to manage the links which easily become outdated. This results in frustrated customers due to broken links. The more landing pages you have, the more of a challenge it would be to regulate the content. Having good software, tools or CMS could make this process manageable, and these tools and software allow for easy management of your landing pages.

Top 5 Disadvantages

  1. Rushing to close the deal

    Some landing pages immediately want the visitor to fill in a form, download, subscribe etc. This can actually be too fast as the customer may not have gotten sufficient information before they are ready to commit. Think of it as your visiting a clothing store and the sales person comes up to you to sell something. In most cases, you feel forced and it all feels too fast, rushed and pressed. Generally, this path doesn’t result in a high conversion rate.

  2. No segmentation

    Not everybody has the same intention when clicking a link or advertisement that redirects to your landing page. Visitors come with varying reasons and needs. A more effective approach would be to include options that divide visitors based on behaviour and demands.

  3. Too much information

    This happens with no properly defined message on the landing page. The page loads with content for a visitor to comb and filter through to find the most important pieces of information (that depends on if there stay that long!). Sadly, not many people have the time and patience for this (remember the 5-second rule). A better, more efficient way to approach this is to organize your content in smaller pieces of information making it easier and simpler to navigate the website.

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  4. Damaging your brand

    Taking together all of the disadvantages they contribute to a bad brand name and reputation.
    As mentioned earlier, landings pages are fast to make and have low cost. As this might sound good for the company, in reality, they do often look quick and cheap. And here is where things go wrong. Because visitors notice the cheap and easy way to sell a product.It hurts your brand and it’s definitely not a good idea for branding. Landing pages need proper design and strategies to work effectively.

  5. Lack of credibility and trust

    A non-converting landing page could be due to the absence of trustworthy elements and this can make your visitors question the credibility of your product or service. However, there are a few solutions to this problem. Firstly, including testimonials can instantly help build the trustworthiness of your page. Furthermore, placing trust symbols like buyer protection, and stating that your company is an authorized seller for a particular brand also builds trust with your visitors. Also, having clear policies and guarantees on your products and services can remove any doubts visitors may have regarding the credibility of your website. 

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