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Top 5 Examples – Web Optimisation

Wish you had some real life examples of superbly designed and optimised landing pages? Then here are our top 5 examples for Web Optimisation!

You can send your visitors towards your homepage or product page, but if your landing page fits seamlessly with your advertisement, fewer visitors will have trouble orienting themselves. Too often, the focus is on the product or service while the visitor has more interest in a solution to the problem. The landing page is essentially a page that connects the advertisement and the offer on the website.

The ad could be seen anywhere, from social media to Google. Usually, the landing page can’t be found in the menu because it’s specially made to ‘welcome’ visitors who’ve clicked on the ad. Therefore, a landing page isn’t for the purpose of better findability. In creating an outstanding landing page, there are many things to consider as there are a plethora of elements that are required and it also depends on the goals you’ve set. Here are five examples:

1. Taster’s Club

The homepage of this whiskey club is a perfect example of a good landing page. The design makes it very easy to either join or read more about the membership. When looking at the Taster’s Club homepage the two call-to-actions immediately jump out. Clicking on the ‘Learn more’ CTA will bring you to a colorful page with images on what the membership includes. When you scroll down you’ll also get to see testimonials from users. The fun really starts when you click the “Join Now” button. There is this a really fun and interactive way of picking your favorite whisky and viewing further details regarding membership and gift options available for it.Taster's Club

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2. Webprofits

When you visit the website, the first thing that stands out is the call-to-action button. The red and white CTA contrasts beautiful with the black background. It also allows visitors to act quickly if they want to. Near the bottom of the page there is also a yellow section which offers detailed information about what you’re going to receive when clicking on the CTA. In reality the CTA “Get a Free Analysis Now’ will take you to the top page where you can fill in your email. Quite a strategic move from Webprofits! webprofits-landing-page

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3. Lyft

Similar to our website, Lyft makes use of a big header and headline as an introduction to new visitors. The “Apply Now” form requires you to only fill in six fields to become a driver. It’s easy, simple and to the point. In addition, to ‘apply now’ there is also a section which lets you calculate the amount of money you’re likely going to earn. Visitors aren’t actually taken to a new page upon clicking. They see an amount in US dollars with a new call-to-action that appears. So essentially there are two ways that lead to conversion. Lyft is targeting two types of visitors on this landing page: the people who want to make a decision right away and the people who need more information before they decide and its done pretty!Lyft Landing page

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4. Bol.com

At first impression upon visiting this online retailer, it doesn’t appear to have a beautiful landing page, but when you take a closer look Bol.com has done many things right. Think of it like this: there are many types of visitors that have different needs. Some of them might need to see a lot of images, others look for bargains and discounts. Bol.com has reacted to this by showing important information above the fold. Things like discounts, a countdown timer, buy two get one for free, suggestions, recommendations and more. The top of the page displays the shipping fees and whether you can return certain items. This important information is displayed above the fold, keeping customers thoroughly informed. Bol.com landing page


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5. H&M

Now that we are at it, let’s take a look at one the biggest clothing-retailers in the world. With their distinct but fairly cheap clothes, H&M delivers fast-fashion for all sorts of people. After you pick a country, the homepage appears with a header you can’t miss. What’s nice about the website is that the header contains CTA’s for the primary group of people: men, women and kids. They managed to put new arrivals above the fold of the landing page. The navigation menu is doing a great job at only showing the relevant subjects like home, sale, their magazine and the usual men/women/kids. The design is clean and simple. It doesn’t take the attention away from the visitor which is good if you want more conversions.H&M Landing page

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