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Top 5 Tools For Web Optimisation

There are a number of tools out there for optimizing your landing page, each tool has their own weaknesses and strengths. Some tools that might work well for one company may not necessarily work for yours, so it’s important to keep an eye out for what works best for you. Here are five tools that can improve your landing pages.

Web Optimisation Tools:

  1. Unbounce

    The first tool to consider is Unbounce, which includes landing pages templates making it easy to get started. The dashboard is simple and easy-to-understand for setting up A/B tests and multivariate tests. Though it is possible to use a custom domain name to make the page look like it’s part of your website, the landing pages remain hosted on Unbounce’s servers. Last but not least, Unbounce offers a majority of third-party integrations, such as Mailchimp, Google Analytics and Constant Contact. This makes it easy to sync your favorite applications with any landing page. They also include widgets that allow you to easily add videos and other media for a more interactive user experiences.


  2. Google Analytics

    When it comes to analyzing your website, Google Analytics is hands down the best free tool out there. It provides statistics (quantitative data) and tools to analyze the behavior of your visitors. Not only can you track the sources of incoming web traffic, you can also gain an insight to customer segmentation. The strength of Google Analytics lies in the segmentation of your visitors as it’s possible to make a segment of your customers in many ways. The interface can be a bit overwhelming at first for some users as there are many choices and filters users can apply. Thus, the learning curve can take a while for those who aren’t familiar with tracking applications. However, once you understand the basics, you will appreciate the potential that Google Analytics brings. Big data is important for every business.

    Google Analytics

  3. Visual Website Optimizer

    Visual website optimizer is a tool that allows you to A/B test your website in various ways. One unique feature is behavioral targeting. This allows you to target specific visitors which will result in more conversions. The included heat map feature is used to determine what visitors are looking at using eye tracking technology. It’s a way to determine if important aspects of your website get the necessary attention. These could be call-to-actions, searchbar, navigation menu etc.  The application is also very user-friendly and it requires no knowledge of HTML.


  4. Instapage

    Instapage brings you templates for landing pages. The interface is user-friendly and is as easy as dragging and dropping elements into place. The widgets also allow you to add content from social media including Facebook and Twitter etc. Furthermore, tracking all your statistics and information including; page views, unique visitors, conversion goals, time spent on site etc. is done from a single page. Furthermore, Instapage’s truly unique capability, which separates itself from competitors, is the use of a technology called “machine learning”. This technique automatically improves your landing pages. For example; Whenever a conversion occurs, metrics and data including; content, scrolling, time spent on page etc. are recorded. This information is then used to improve the landing pages based on what led to that conversion.


  5. Crazy Egg

    This tool shows a lot of the same data Google Analytics offers. However, visually it’s a totally different story because it has a very unique interface. Instead of showing numbers and graphs, the eye-tracking reports combines metrics to content and design. Using this data, allows you to identify the most and least engaging and busy sections of your website. Furthermore, this information is used to improve the design, layout etc. of your website. CrazyEgg allows for a better understanding of what is happening on your website.


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