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Benefits & The Use Of LinkedIn

If you’re looking to run B2B marketing campaigns, you won’t find a higher-quality audience than LinkedIn’s, as it’s expressly geared toward business professionals. It now has 380 million members, representing 28% growth and almost 100 million more users since Q2 2014.

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With robust targeting options that include both broad and specific options, it has never been easier to reach the exact subset of LinkedIn’s user base that will best suit your campaign’s target demographic. You can target by Location (from whole continents down to individual cities), Gender, Age, Company Name or Size, Industry, Job Title/Function/Seniority, and more.

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LinkedIn can help enhance your company’s marketing communications in a social media environment. Here are five LinkedIn Goals that can help you to achieve business objectives.

  •  Position business or company.

A LinkedIn presence, either in terms of a company page or in employee profiles, proves that your firm exists. Furthermore, these references give life to your company for people interested in finding out about it. This includes customers, employees and investors (of course, this also holds for competitors who may be trying to get a feel for how your firm is structured).

By sharing knowledge on LinkedIn including profiles, status updates and shared content in terms of links, employees position your organisation in your category. In particular, answering enquiries on the Q&A section shows that members of your team are thought leaders and experts while building relationships. If you’re looking to expand your firm’s expertise, assign a few of your technical/industry experts, not necessarily senior executives, to answering relevant questions on LinkedIn regularly.

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  •  Expand business contacts.

While most LinkedIn users think of broadening their reach, they generally think in terms of their next job. In doing so, they miss some of LinkedIn’s power. LinkedIn allows your firm to broaden its network with prospects, customers, suppliers, distributors, consultants, funding sources and analysts. This is done by helping you to reach out to others in your network and through them to their contacts. If you want to connect with someone, think about how you can do something for them before you ask them for a favour. Also, don’t underestimate the strength of other people’s networks because there are contacts you may not be able to see.

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  •  Expand your company network.

Through LinkedIn groups, company executives can extend their business networks, meet new customers and position your firm as a thought leader. You can join a group as well as start one. The benefit of starting a group is that it links to your business. Moderating a group puts you at the centre of a group of executives in your business arena.

  •  Source employees.

Don’t just leave this work to HR. LinkedIn helps find and vet new employees, and it’s a great way to stay connected with former ones. Don’t overlook the power of owning your firm’s alumni organisation! Many consulting firms came under this classification. Your former employees know your operation well. They can become future clients, a source of referrals, employees or other business connections.

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