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Content Marketing Tools

There have been many developments within content marketing creating advertising tools for content marketers.

There has been major growth in the content marketing tools available to content marketers. While many of these tools existed for years prior to the advent of content marketing—and would normally be deemed as simply internet marketing tools, many of them are rechristening themselves as content marketing tools.

However, many of these tools are quite different from each other and serve vastly different purposes within content marketing. Some technologies may help create content, some may help distribute content, yet others help measure the effectiveness of your content marketing. Having attended dozens of content marketing conferences over the years, I have seen countless marketers and even analysts not know where to start, or how to make sense of the universe of content marketing tools.

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Website Analytics Tools

• Webtrends

Offers tools for measuring and optimizing digital campaigns. Webtrends offers analytic intelligence including customer intelligence and behavioral segmentation, targeting and scoring, and more.

• Mixpanel

Instead of measuring pageviews, Mixpanel measures actions such as searches or shares to gain greater insight into user behavior.

• Woopra

Uses real-time stats that can be broken down to an individual-level view. Woopra helps brands tracks visitors across multiple devices and build comprehensive timelines for every user.

• Kissmetrics

An ecommerce customer intelligence tool. Offers person-centric data in real time, and ties anonymous activity to known activity once a visitor becomes a customer.

• Google Analytics

Customize reports, measure the impact of social media and mobile on website traffic, measure conversion rates, and more.

Social Media Analytics Tools 

• Curalate

Discover which images in Pinterest and Instagram are most engaging for your audience.

• Socialbakers

View metrics and statistics for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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• CrowdBooster

Track your company’s social media engagement with information about interactions, follower growth, and more.

• Nuvi

Provides real-time data visualizations. Portrays social chatter in a way that is easy to understand and show to others.

Web Analytics Tools 

• Quantcast

Receive audience insight through geographic and demographic data, in addition to information about interests and related website activity.

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• Alexa

Image result for • Alexa: This net visitors device gives visitors information and world rankings for industrial websites.

This web traffic tool provides traffic data and global rankings for commercial websites.

• Compete

Gain insight into the competition. Examine which websites and keywords others are using to drive traffic online, compile lists of the top websites based on a variety of metrics. Track online market share by industry.

Funnel Analytics Tools

• Full Circle Insights

A marketing performance management tool that gives Salesforce users insight into their overall marketing impact.

• Squeeze CMM

Measure the ROI of content with this tool that generates reports and tracks audience activity and interests.

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• Insight Squared

An all in one analytics software for sales, finance, marketing and support data.

• Bright Funnel

B2B Platform that allows CMOs to attribute, forecast, and benchmark their demand generation efforts

SEO Analytics Tools

• Raven Tools

Report on all marketing campaigns using metrics that pertain to SEO, PPC and social media.

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• SEM Rush

Gives users the ability to track keywords across both paid and organic search campaigns.

• moz

Enables users to monitor social media, manage SEO campaigns, and more.

• BrightEdge

Measure and improve the SEO of your site with this content performance tool.

• MarketMuse

Crawls your site to identify gaps in content. Finds prominent keywords, and determines how your site stacks up against competitors.

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