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Differences Between AR and VR

We are talking more about augmented reality and virtual reality, but what is the difference?
Augmented reality contains a lot of reality and the other not at all.

 Augmented reality

The augmented reality consists of a genuine image, supplemented in real time through the display of data while using a computer. For example, an aeroplane pilot looks in front of him through a transparent screen with information: the names of cities seem to float above them and another aircraft flying in the vicinity ended up to get surrounded with numbers indicating his speed, altitude and its heading. When this transparent screen is installed on the dashboard of an aircraft or a vehicle, it is called head-up display. Such a screen can likewise integrate into a pair of binoculars.

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For example, Google has several projects under development. The most well known augmented reality project with the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, came identified as Google Tango. Tango uses several sensors and special cameras that allow measuring very precisely the environment. Therefore, a Tango smartphone not only allows to see a two-dimensional image but is able to calculate a map of the environment in three dimensions. Thus, you can recognize the surfaces of tables and make rolling balls on them for example, or display additional information about the works of a museum.

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Virtual reality

We call virtual reality a form of simulation in which the viewer feels like being in front of a real scene, or even in it. At a minimum, the computer displays animated images on a screen, the changes of which, calculated at all times by the computer (in “real time”), depending on the actions of the user. For example, a driving simulator gives the impression that the screen is a windscreen in front of a real road. Sounds, seat movements or force feedback in the joystick can enhance the sensory impression.

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With Virtual Reality, the idea is technology is to create an immersive, visual and/or haptic interactive computer simulation, real or imaginary environments with which the user can interact. Afterwards, the context varies according to the solution used. In a car game, the idea is to really get into the driver’s skin. On Steam, there is also a simulation game. Called The Climb, this graphic demonstration explores a part of the Alps by hiking.

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VR Headsets

Samsung is presently the great actor of virtual reality. With its Gear VR helmets, the group has developed the platform that currently has the most successful VR applications. According to figures from Superdata and Unity, in 2016 Samsung has distributed about 4.5 million VR headsets. It is true that many headphones are distributed through promotions for various Samsung devices (especially with the Galaxy S7).

Augmented reality or virtual reality: the two concepts are very different. Augmented reality brings new information to the news and allows, for example, new forms of interaction in museums or shops. Virtual reality, however, is something quite personal, because it completely isolates the real environment, which also has its own charm.

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