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Advantages & Disadvantages of Advertising Campaigns

When you think about advertising campaigns you might think about a funny commercial you saw on TV or a poster you saw on the bus. An Advertising Campaign is a series of advertisement messages that share a single idea and theme which make up an integrated marketing communication. Advertising campaigns also appear in different media channels across a specific time frame that often needs to be clearly defined. Modern advertising campaigns often combine multiple online and offline channels such as online social media, TV, branded packaging, etc.

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In other words, an advertising campaign consists of a number of advertisements over different marketing channels all focused around the same brand, theme, and subject with the same goal. An advertising campaign has the following objectives:


1. Informing people and potential customers about the product /service that you’re selling.

2. Convincing potential customers to buy the product/service.

3. Make the product/service available to potential customers. This means that an advertising campaign’s mainly focussed on providing information about a product or service and to reach potential customers. There are many advantages but also some disadvantages of advertising campaigns.

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Consider the following:


1. New Customers.
An advertising campaign will when done correctly, attract new customers that didn’t know of the brand and its products.

2. More Sales.
It will generate more sales and potentially create a customer base that will come back to buy more over time thus, building brand loyalty.

3.  Attract Investors.
A company that makes a profit, has a large customer base and creates great advertising campaigns is attractive to investors. An advertisement will bring these prospects to your company. Advertising campaigns do have some drawbacks as follows.

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1. Takes Time.
An advertising campaign can be costly in terms of time and money. It requires through research and analysis and needs to have an efficient implementation to have the desired effect. Due to its time and cost consuming nature, return on investment may seem a bit slow, especially early on in the campaign.

2. Advertising campaigns are expensive.
While there consists of a tremendous potential reach of advertising, it runs a high risk of failure if the camping does not have a proper implementation. Evaluating if the advertising channels are worthwhile is a must, to make sure that the profits are at its maximum.

3. Competition Launching.
A campaign can bring in customers for yourself but also forces the competition to do the same. If they don’t do this, their market share becomes smaller which will eventually put them out of business.

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