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What is Moz


Moz is a performant leading SEO tool provider using both advanced research and basic tools in order to improve your search engine optimization.

The best thing with Moz is that it uses a wide range of research Tools: do not be daunted about all these features, a vendor is here to provide tutorial and information that will help you to learn how to use Moz while improving your SEO program and tactics in general. Moreover, a technical support is always reachable to answer your questions, and they are good solvers.

As a current user of Moz, Service.fit is happy to recommend this amazing SEO tool.



What are Moz Benefits


A dozen of tools and valuable SEO resources are offered by Moz. Moreover, Moz offers a flexible pricing with vast marketing features able to suit everyone needs. Here are some main Moz benefits of this advanced search marketing platform:


  • Access weekly crawl of your website

Moz explores and notifies you about the problems and issues that might affect your company’s performance. It monitors keywords on the search engines that your audience use and it allows you to save time and spend more time in optimizing.


  • The One-Page Optimization

It helps to understand when and where things go wrong and it allows you to access instructions and clear recommendations to fix the problems: it means that you can see immediate results.


  • A Competitive Analysis

Thanks to Moz you can keep an eye on your competitors.


  • The Continual improvement

You can track your success thanks to key metrics provided by Moz. New features and improvements are implemented every month to ensure your company the best performance.


  • Keyword Difficulty Tool

Moz offers a detailed analysis of the first viewed pages on your website. So, Thanks to that you can improve your content strategy and prioritize keyword optimization



Moz Features:


  • Advanced online marketing guides
  • Beta access to new tools
  • Competitive analysis
  • Comprehensive Q&A database
  • Continual improvement
  • Discounts on Moz seminars
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Moz toolbar
  • On-Page recommendations
  • Open Site Explorer
  • PRO Q&A forum
  • PRO training webinars
  • Weekly crawls and rank tracking
  • World’s largest SEO community



Moz Pros and Cons:



  • Super useful and great content.
  • Comprehensive SEO toolkit: Moz offers all the Tools that you need to attract people to your website
  • Extensive Resource Tools: Moz is a very educative tool offering a Learning Center for all the people that are new to the concept of SEO. It is really helpful and useful.
  • Community Q&A: For those seeking info about SEO and Moz, there is an accessible forum allowing all the people to ask and answer questions; Also, the staff at Moz moderates the forums so that you can be sure about the reliability of the information delivered.



  • The number of campaigns starts rather a law: that’s a drawback for big companies who require a lot of features. But in fact, it is totally suitable for small businesses.
  • Keyword limits per campaign.
  • Great SEO knowledge source but Moz‘s marketing platform is not very easy to use.



What problem will Moz solve for you?


  • Help to grow online

Service.fit was performing website audit & On-Page SEO and Moz showed us a clear path to how our marketing campaigns should take. It definitely helps to grow our online presence.


  • Tracking keyword ranking and traffic development

Thanks to Moz‘s keyword research tool, Service.fit can estimate its potential rankings and don’t target competitive keywords.


  • Solves monitor site problems

For companies entering the SEO game, Moz‘s keyword research is a good starter tool to monitor the site problems.


  • Moz makes it possible to put your clients in front of their customers 

We have been able to rank our clients extremely well in the search engines: this is what our clients wanted. Thanks to Moz, we are not only offering results for long-tail keywords that nobody will ever search for.



Moz Pricing:

Moz offers different pricing plans with different features. You should choose the one that suits your specific needs.

A free trial is available.


Standard Plan for Small or Medium Business – $99 /month 

Active location-data management

Review monitoring

Complete duplication closure

Listing accuracy verification

Real-time listing distribution 


Professional Plan  for Enterprise/Agency–  $179/month (MOST POPULAR)

All Essential features

Plus local SEO analytics

Listing Alerts

Success manager (100+ locations)

Onboarding support (100+ locations)


Premium Plan for Enterprise and Agency – $249/month

All Essentials features

Professional features

Plus Moz Pro tools ($950 value!)

Full API integration

Dedicated support


Our thoughts about Moz

Basically, Moz gathers the top SEO tool in one place providing knowledge and resources to users so that they can optimize their websites. It is ideal for small businesses, as the features match these needs at a good price. In our sense, Moz is ideal for new starters in the SEO domain.

Learn more about Moz by checking their website.


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