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Create your logo at minimal costs, with no skills required and instant results


What is Tailor Brands


In our Advanced technological world, customers’ needs evolved at the same time as our environment evolved. We are now entering in a new generation of E-commerce and the brands are massively impacted so that the companies need to adapt their offer and their strategies.  Be innovative and creative is a must: That’s why every organization needs a good knowledge of designing and a creative skill to create a logo. Tailor Brands is here to help you: this logo generator software has been build on powerful algorithms and he only needs to analyze your brand’s name, your values and your industry standard. 

Tailor brands is an automated logo marker available online. This tool allows you to design your logo and it is very efficient for small businesses owners: Minimal costs, no skills required and instant results.

Tailor Brands has 3,000,000 users and counting trusting the tool, such as The Next Web, Product Hunt, Inc., TechCrunch and so on.

As a user of Tailer Brands, Service.fit is happy to recommend this amazing logo maker tool.



Tailor Brands Benefits


  • Easy and Fast

With tailor Brands, you can quickly design your new logo in less than 30 seconds.


  • Simple at minimal cost

Making perfect design is simple as it requires no skills and offers instant results, all of that at a cheap price.


  • Efficiency

It will take few minutes -thanks to the Advanced algorithm machine- to create your designed logo. You can quickly have it for your startup by selecting your preferences from the big range of database of layout options, fonts, graphics, and styles.



Tailor Brands Features


  • Seasonal Logos: it allows you the variations of logos for the upcoming events.
  • Brand Analytics: it helps for the brand development by tracking your social media.
  • Weekly planner: You can fill your weekly planner with seasonal logos, fresh posts and much more.
  • Landing page: it offers a branded landing page.
  • Online brand book: provides the best logo design how to use effectively.
  • Facebook Ads: Helps the user to understand the fonts, placements and the best colors.
  • Logo sizes: Your logo file is perfectly resized on the several social media for the best representation as possible.
  • Social Covers: You social covers are mainly customized with branded social networks.



Tailor Brands Pros & Cons:




  • Highly affordable
  • You have a fast access to Professional design
  • It generates an unlimited succession of logos
  • Easy to use
  • No hidden tricks or pre-made logos
  • Unique logo
  • High quality
  • Fast results
  • 21 logo sizes & branded presentation
  • You can access chat and email support




  • Limited ability to customize and personalize your logo
  • Creating a logo requires a stable internet connection



Which problems can Tailor Brands solve for you?


  • If you feel uncomfortable in designing your logo, Tailor Brands is ideal for you

This Platform is easy to use and ready in less time than all the other platforms. At service.fit, we really appreciate how much we can customize thanks to the variety of what it offers -including a brand book- by Tailor Brands.


  • You are an entrepreneur with a limited budget and without time to spend in designing your logo

Tailor brands is ideal and will solve all these problems: you can create your logo in few minutes thanks to a wide selection of creation while saving a lot of money – Usually, creating a logo requires multiple interactions, a hundred of dollars and it takes days or week.


  • At service.fit, Tailor Brand’s logo Creator found exactly what we wanted quickly!


  • You don’t like to spend time getting in touch with Customer service?

Tailor Brands will solve this problem thanks to his amazing Customer service. The team is friendly and answer very quickly.



Tailor Brands pricing

Dynamic Logo $2.99 per month billed annually or $9.99 month to month

High-Resolution Logo

Transparent PNG

Commercial Use License

For Your Plan Period:

Landing Page

Brand Analytics

Seasonal logos

Brand Development

Unlimited Backup


Premium $10.99 per month billed annually or $49.99 month to month

High-Resolution Logo

Transparent PNG & Vector EPS Files

Commercial Use License

For Your Plan Period:

Landing Page

Brand Analytics

Seasonal Logos

Brand Development

Unlimited Backup

Make Changes and Re-Download

Logo Resize Tool

Business Card Design Tool

Weekly Facebook Posts

Social Covers Design Tool

Online Brand Guidelines

Branded Presentation/business deck/watermark tool

Facebook Ads



Our thoughts about Tailor brands


Tailor Brands is really useful for anyone looking for a fast and cheap way to create a logo. This tool helps to create logos in a secure and fun manner. Ideal for small businesses, this tool that will push your company’s branding effort to the next level – Your logo can expand your exposure.



If you want to learn more about Tailor Brands, check their website.


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