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Pointers for Web Optimisation

Before you jump into anything there are a few tips that you need to take into account. A landing page needs to contain the proper elements allowing it to have the look and feel of one. These tips will make sure you won’t miss out on any important aspects when creating landing pages.

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1. Easy navigation

The first tip we’ll start off with is making the website easy to navigate. The website gets more clarity by reducing the amount of information. Visitors need to instantly see what they can do on the website. Having too many images and irrelevant information keeps the focus away from the conversion. Keep it simple, because less is more!

2. Keep your headline relevant to its corresponding Call-To-Action

Another tip for web optimisation is ensuring the message throughout your landing page should match your headline and call-to-action (CTA). Any catch will instantly make you lose the trust of your visitors.

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For example, a person informed to get a free offer will most likely feel baited when payment needs to be done. Keeping the information consistent will cut down confusion in general. This will also reflect your promise in the call-to-action.

3. White spacing

A clean design will also reflect in the prospect’s mind because the focus is much stronger. Using whitespace will direct the visitors eye-flow to a certain point as there is nothing to else to see. It will then be easier for you to draw their attention to the intended goal because there’s less distraction.

4. Possibility to share on social media

Include social sharing buttons for people to encourage using your service or product. Use no more sharing options than necessary. This will likely be the social channels your audience is on.
It’s also nice to know that the chance of finding prospects are the highest on social media.

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5. Place images

Images are the most important aspect of a landing page. Not only do they make the website look attractive, they are also the most shared content. For instance, Nike makes use of big and appealing images to make their customers feel connected with the brand. The more people feel associated with the website, the more likely they will convert.

6. Put important information above the fold

Above the fold means everything your visitor sees on a landing page without scrolling. In contrast, below or down the fold is the part of a page that can only be seen when scrolling down. People practically don’t like to scroll unless they are highly motivated. Be sure to place all relevant information on a screen like – CTA’s, taglines, search bar etc. This allows visitors to pick up useful information without having to scroll down.

7. The five-second rule

Research studies have demonstrated that visitors judge the quality of your website in five seconds. Within this moment your visitors decide whether your website is good enough to stay or leave. In short, the success of any page is determined by showing the following crucial information. (in five seconds or less)

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–  What kind of organization is this?

–  What product or service is sold?

–  Why should I buy from here?

8. Don’t ask for too much information

Businesses want to know as much about their visitors as possible. However, in the checkout procedure, this is rarely a good thing. When visitors want to check out, they need to fill in a form. Research has shown that a shorter form leads to a higher conversion rate. Because each new field you add also requires extra work for your prospect. It may still be tempting to get that additional bit of valuable information. When this is the case, leave the field open as an option. In this way, prospects aren’t forced to fill it in and it’s always a bonus when people do.

Online value proposition

There are lots of similar products and services on the market. The only way to distinguish yourself from others is to have a defined value proposition. You could apply “The Value Proposition Canvas” which helps your business think about your customers in a thoughtful way. The main idea of this model is to have more benefits (gains) than risks (pains).

Use keywords in your content

This might sound like something obvious, but in reality, a lot of businesses do not apply this. Google needs to have a clear understanding of what your landing page is about. Using keywords throughout your text should be self-evident. Yet Google is getting much better at understanding the context of your phrases. Therefore, some experts state that a quality landing page does not necessarily need to be highlighted with keywords.

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