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Here are a few videos to help you on your way to understand the basics of landing pages. These videos cover up all needed aspects for you to decide whether landing pages are useful for your business. It’s not a mandatory to watch all, but it’s definitely worth to check which videos might apply to your goals online.

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1. What is a Landing Page?

If you are looking to find out more information about landing pages regarding the different types of pages as well as when to consider using them, why they are very useful and how to get the best results from them, then this video is for you! This video walks you through some different landing pages and examples which are the answers to all these questions and also answers in which way it can be useful.

2. Landing Page Optimization

There are many great benefits associated with having a landing page and one of the greatest benefits is that landing pages can increase site traffic and increase your website business. There are lots of unoptimised web pages., which leads to bad conversation rates and poor sales. This video will provide you with a summary about web optimization and how it can help your business grow. You will go step by step into the benefits of “landing Page Optimization”.

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3. Google Analytics In Real Life

Distracting customers with too much information, or an inefficient layout of your landing page can prevent customers from buying what they really want on your site. This video highlights some mistakes in the online shopping experience and explains how these distractions work and play out in real world scenarios.


4. The Best Way to Optimize Your Landing Pages

This webinar disclosures all of the different aspects in which web optimization can be very useful tool for your business or problem. The video examines some good examples about unique and good optimized pages. The following video provides examples of poorly designed and unoptimized landing pages. This video improves your knowledge of the do’s and don’ts with landing pages. Unoptimised or poorly optimised Web pages can usually lead to lower conversion rates and sales. It brings you one step ahead by getting more knowledge about web optimization, which can amplify your sales or business based on good and well explained optimized landing pages.

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5. 8 Tips for Optimizing Your Landing Page

The landing page is one of the most important aspects of your website, blog or online business. This is the place where visitors “land” after clicking on the links to your resource pages. A well-optimized landing page keeps visitors at your page and also encourages them to sign up for your promotion or purchase some of your products. In this video, you will discover 8 great tips for optimizing your landings page.


6. Conversion Landing Page Design Examples and Templates

This video shows some good explanations of different landing page designs. It examines how and when, and where aspects like pictures, headlines, forms and conversion are done and the importance aspects in which way it shows on your design and templates.

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7. Landing Page Design: How To Create A Killer Landing Page | Good Converting Landing Page Idea

This video shows some good examples of landings page designs with a high level of conversion. It also explains some really important aspects about why the specific landings page design are so efficient and good at conversion. It also includes some resources which you can use for your own benefit regarding landing page designs.


8. How to Use Landing Pages to Convert Visitors to Leads

This video gives you a couple “ins” and “outs” about how you can use landing pages to convert visitors to leads. Here are three ways to deal with driving traffic.
1 Paid advertising: Google, Bing, or Facebook advertising.
2 SEO: create content for people to discover on search engines. This will drive traffic to your website.
3 Your email list: You can message the people in a way that shows the value of what you’re offering.

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